Room Features

The information below will help you become better acquainted with your room. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call the Front Desk (dial “0” on your phone). 

Alarm Clocks 

To set your alarm, press down the “alarm” button on the top of your clock. While holding, press the “hour” and “minute” buttons to select the desired time. Wake-up calls are also available; simply dial “0” to inquire at the Front Desk. 

Baby Cribs (Pack N’ Play) 

For our smallest guests, we have portable Pack N’ Plays available by request and free of charge.

Blow Dryers 

Located in the bathrooms. 

Check In/Out 

Check in time is 4:00 pm. 

Check out time is 11:00 am.

Contactless check-out it encouraged, feel free to call the front desk (dial “0”) from your room before you leave and we’ll arrange for a receipt to be emailed to you.

Keurig Coffee Makers & Coffee 

Your room is equipped with a Keurig coffee maker. 1 cup of water = 1 Keurig cup. 

To operate the Keurig Coffee maker, follow these steps: 

» Push “Press to Open” button. 
» Place a K-Cup in holder. Do not remove or puncture lid. 
» Lower handle until it clicks. 
» Fill the tank with water.
» Close the water tank. 
» Place cup on black tray, directly beneath spout. 
» Press the “Brew” button. 
» Wait 3 minutes and enjoy your coffee!

If you need more coffee, please call the Front Desk (dial “0”)

DVD Players 

Your room is equipped with a DVD player. We have a sizable library of DVDs to borrow at the Front Desk during your stay. To use your DVD player press the “input” button on the TV remote, put in your DVD and press play. 

Guest Laundry 

We offer laundry facilities. They are located in our back building, in the center, ground floor. Use your room key to access the room. Small Fee applies and credit cards are accepted.

Heat & Air Conditioning 

To adjust the temperature in your room, locate the switch (looks like a light switch) and choose “Heat” or “AC”. There is a thermostat on the wall to adjust the heat. However, if no thermostat is located, use the dial on the heater unit. For AC, use the thermostat on the AC unit to adjust your temperature. When first checking into your room, the AC unit may be on “Energy Saver.” You will need to set it to your desired setting to get the desired temperature. 

Housekeeping Service 

Routine stay over service is currently suspended, light service and any needed supplies are available upon request. Please contact our front desk for service requests. We ask that the room be vacated, or only one person remain in the room in order to maintain the recommended 6 feet of physical distance. Per state mandate, please wear your mask if you remain in your room during your requested service, our housekeeping team will be wearing masks and fresh gloves.

Internet Access 

Cousins has installed wireless connectivity for your convenience. During the check in process you were provided with a password. Simply turn on your device, and open your internet browser like you would at home. Enter the password, agree to Terms and Conditions, and away you go. This is a complimentary service. There is also a computer station located in the lobby for guest use.


The dishes and utensils have been washed for your convenience. If you would like to further sanitize these items, please contact the Front Desk, dial “0”. 

Key Card Locks 

For your safety and security the key card issued to you upon arrival will expire on your scheduled departure date. If you extend your stay, please come to the Front Desk to have a new key card issued to you. Please do not carry your key cards next to your cell phone or other cards with magnetic strips. They tend to demagnetize your room key. Weather can also play a role in demagnetizing your key and we apologize in advance should this happen to you. We will gladly reissue you a key. For your safety and security, we will ask for identification when re-issuing a key card.


For popcorn and other heating needs, set the chosen cook time and press the “Start” button. Please, never put metal inside a microwave. 

Pillows & Blankets 

If more pillows and blankets are needed, just dial “0” for the Front Desk. 

Pet Information 

We do have specified pet friendly rooms. There is a $15.00 fee per pet, per night of your stay. There is a designated pet “rest” area located at the East end of the pool. We provide doggie pick up baggies conveniently located in the pet “rest” area. If pets are not declared and in a non-pet room, there is at least a $50.00 fee for additional cleaning required. So if you are unsure, please call the Front Desk, ext. “0”.


There is a temperature dial for the refrigerator on the inside, top shelf of the unit. The dial turns from “Minimum” temperature – warmest, to “Maximum” temperature – the coldest setting. 

Roll-away Beds 

Roll-aways are available upon request for a fee of $10.00 per night. 

Telephones & Phone Books 

Please see card attached to phone for your dialing instructions. Local, room-to room and emergency calls are free. There is a charge for long distance calls. A blinking red light on your phone means you have a voicemail waiting. Dial “8” and follow the instructions to check messages. 


Press the “Power On” button on the TV itself or on the remote, and you’re good to go. There is a TV Channel listing in the “During Your Stay” section of this guide.