Safety & Security

Your safety and security are of the utmost importance to our entire staff. Please read the following section so that you know what we do to guarantee your safety, what you should do to maintain your privacy, and what we do in times of an emergency.  

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures 

Plan Ahead 

1. Upon checking into your room, locate your exits. The Emergency Map is located on the back of your room door. 

2. If you leave your room under emergency conditions, always take your room key. 

Evacuation Procedures 

1. If you see fire or smell smoke, dial “0” and inform the Front Desk of the following: your name and room number, and the location of the smoke and/or fire. 

2. If your door feels hot DO NOT open it. If it is not hot, proceed out the door. 

3. If upstairs, proceed to the nearest stairway. Be sure to close your door behind you. 

4. Get as far away from the building as possible. Vacate to the pet area. 


Personal Privacy & Security 

Your room is equipped with a spy hole and lock system to keep you safe. Please display your DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outside of your door to insure privacy. Use the spy hole to identify any visitors and never answer the door to anyone you don’t recognize. All Cousins Country Inn employees wear uniforms and name tags. Please call the Front Desk, ext. “0” if you have any questions or security concerns. An employee or emergency personnel will be immediately dispatched to investigate.

Lost & Found 

If you think you have misplaced something somewhere in our Inn or in your room, just check with the Front Desk. The housekeepers and Front Desk staff keep lost items in a safe place until they are reclaimed. Lost items are held up to 30 days after departure. 

Building & Grounds Security 

For security reasons, we lock the lobby door at 11:00 pm. Night staff is available by phone, ext. “0” or by using the bell located adjacent to the lobby entry. You can still come on down for coffee and cookies anytime during your stay. 


If you have a pet in your room, please put your “Pet” hanger on the outside of your door. 


Please do not leave any money or other valuables in your room or vehicle. Management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.